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Updated: May 9, 2020

"The Lived and Collected Philosophies of George-Raymond"

I'm like Spock, but with melanin

and better taste in footwear -- a rare convergence of deliberate brilliance, bracing wit, classical beauty, innate talent, and unmanning insight.

CrazySexyIntellect and THE SALN SQL

are manifestations of my commitment to creating a world where the potential of (my) intellect isn’t hindered by self-doubt, demographics, meritocracy, socio-economics, political uncertainty or threat of persecution. At the center of my will to live what I do is my devotion to self-sovereignty; the desire to analyze, craft, and exhibit actions that illuminate my lived and collected experiences.

THE SALN SQL’s (pronounced The Salon School) is “self-centered education reform guided by inquiry and aptitude”. In taking responsibility for my own education; towards my own aims, I hope to encounter ideas, thinkers, problems, projects and subjects that increase my capacity for critical thought-application. THE SQL values continuity, concentration, communicativeness, and knowledge above public sentiment, philanthropy and educational goodwill.

Should I falter in my assessment of self, and/or an advisor, THE SQL’s demanding programming doubles as an intellectual kill switch; naturally exposing intellectual handicaps. My self-directed curricula focuses on exploring the historical, philosophical, social, political, & technological context of various modes of human thought & endeavor -- who we are and how we relate to one another.

THE SQL’s charter reflects my overt aversion to the “educated idiot”, i.e. an individual whose purported intellectual prowess amounts to little more than a nondescript, possibly above average IQ (generally identified by standardized intelligence test, such as Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales) or the ability to elicit favor (degrees, money, titles, etc.) from and/or manipulate traditional systems of meritocracy (higher education, business, politics, etc.).

THE SQL remains non-political and free from all other social distinctions (racial, religious, economical, etc.) in my effort to create and maintain a stimulating and productive intellectual environment.

Welcome to my mind ...

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